Prelude rehearsals start tonight!

Tonight we start the adventure known as PRELUDE TO A KISS. I'm very excited to get everyone in the room for the first time and to hear this script out loud. We have a great group of artists lined up for this show!

Peter – David Coupe
Rita – Bethany Hart
Old Man – Ed McGuire
Mrs. Boyle – Carol Ludwick
Dr. Boyle – Jim Spangler
Taylor – Mike Newquist
Uncle Fred – Tom Lally
Aunt Dorothy – Anne Wrider
Ensemble – Alex Nolan
Ensemble – Jazzma Pryor
Leah/Ensemble – Cydney Moody
Tom/Ensemble – Raymond Jacquet

Director – Derek Bertelsen
Stage Manager – Melanie Kulas
Assistant Director – David Lew Cooper
Set Designer – Michael Lewis
Costume Designer – Uriel Gomez
Hair/Make-Up Designer – Asha McAllister
Sound Designer – Becca Venable
Lighting Designer – Nicholas Coso
Technical Director – Mike Sanow