New show this summer!

We've been very busy the last few months working on the casting, hiring and planning for our Summer 2017 production of IN THE WAKE by Lisa Kron. We're excited to bring this script to life and rehearsals begin in just one week!

Our director Alex Mallory has assembled a great team of actors and staff:

Ellen – Rose Sengenberger
Danny – Mike Newquist
Kayla – Adrienne Matzen
Laurie – Erin O'Brien
Judy – Kelli Walker
Amy – Alison Plott
Tessa – Samantha Newcomb

Director – Alex Mallory
Dramaturg – Carol Ann Tan
Asst. Director – Becca Holloway
Stage Manager – Kamren Smith
Scenic Designer – Rachel Rauscher
Lighting Designer – Nicholas Coso
Projections Designer – G Max Maxin IV
Sound Designer/Technical Director – Becca Venable
Costume Designer – Alycia Matz