ROW AFTER ROW by Jessica Dickey




About the show: Historical accuracy is paramount to Cal and Tom, two hardcore Civil War re-enactors, fresh off their latest Gettysburg battle. But their accuracy is compromised when they’re joined by a soldier with a less than authentic uniform…and the wrong gender. Straddling 1863 and today, ROW AFTER ROW is a dark comedy about choosing your cause and finding your courage. Chicago premiere!

Dates: February 5 thru February 27, 2018 at the Apollo Theater Studio. 

Performances are on Sunday/Monday/Tuesday evenings at 7:30pm

Cal - David Coupe*
Tom - Eric Lindahl
Lea - Stephanie Mattos

Director - Ann Kreitman
Production Stage Manager - Melanie Kulas*
Fight Choreographer - Molly Donahue
Technical Director/Co-Sound Designer - Becca Venable*
Lighting Designer/Co-Sound Designer - Nicholas Coso*
Set Designer - Sydney Achler
Costume Designer - Uriel Gomez
Properties Coordinator - Derek Bertelsen*

*denotes member of The Comrades