IN THE WAKE by Lisa Kron

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July 27 - August 26, 2017
Greenhouse Theater Center

It's Thanksgiving of 2000 and the presidential election still has not been decided. Ellen insists that her friends and family don't understand how bad the situation really is. But no one—not her loving partner, Danny, nor the passionate Amy, nor the brutally pragmatic and world-weary Judy—can make Ellen see the blind spot at the center of her own politics and emotional life. A funny, passionate, and ultimately searing play that illuminates assumptions that lie at the heart of the American character—and the blind spots that mask us from ourselves. IN THE WAKE received Lortel and GLAAD Media Award nominations and was a finalist for the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize.

Ellen – Rose Sengenberger
Danny – Mike Newquist
Kayla – Adrienne Matzen
Laurie – Erin O'Brien
Judy – Kelli Walker
Amy – Alison Plott
Tessa – Samantha Newcomb

Director – Alex Mallory
Dramaturg – Carol Ann Tan
Asst. Director – Becca Holloway
Stage Manager – Kamren Smith
Scenic Designer – Rachel Rauscher
Lighting Designer – Nicholas Coso
Projections Designer – G Max Maxin IV
Costume Designer – Alycia Matz
Properties Coordinators – Melanie Kulas & Derek Bertelsen
Sound Designer/Technical Director – Becca Venable