The Comrades are seeking actors for the world premiere of Roast, a comedy written by Harry Wood and directed by Comrades Artistic Director Derek Bertelsen. For consideration, please submit headshot and resume as ONE PDF file: Last, First_HSR.pdf as well as your availability on February 16th to Casting Director, Alison Plott at

About the show:  Roast follows the friends and family of Sam, a talented young comedian who took his own life, as they fulfill his last request: to hold a roast of him instead of a traditional funeral. As each of the roasters has their turn on stage, they reflect on who Sam was, and what he meant to them. Throughout, the play asks an important question: when a loved one is lost, how does the world change in their absence? Roast by Harry Wood explores the deeply intertwined worlds of comedy and tragedy, humor and grief.

Auditions: Saturday, February 16, 2019 from 10am-2pm at Greenhouse Theater Center
Callbacks: Sunday, February 17, 2019 from 10am-1pm Greenhouse Theater Center (as needed)
Rehearsals: begin early June, weekday evenings and weekends, depending on cast availability
Performances: July 18 - August 18 at The Greenhouse Theater Center
Pay: Yes (stipend)

Character Type/Restrictions:
Edward: Male Identifying, 50s-60s, any ethnicity but specifically interested in Black or Latinx actors.
Sam and Alyssa's father. Not outwardly emotional but there is a deep well under the surface. An "everyman" type. Think the Dad from the Wonder Years, Tim Allen, Danny Glover, and Edward James Olmos.

Albert: Male Identifying, 40-50 or just younger and looks a little worse for wear, any ethnicity
The funeral home director and the evening's host. Starting to look like the clientele. Excellent comedic timing and adept at playing the "straight man." Think Steve Buscemi, Chris Elliott, and Orlando Jones.

Keith: Male Identifying, 30s, any ethnicity but specifically interested in Black or Latinx actors
Sam's comedy collaborator. Excellent comedic timing. Genuine. Smokes a lot of weed. Think Chris Farley, Gabriel Iglesias, and Anthony Anderson.

Beth: Female Identifying, 50s, any ethnicity
Sam's Mentor. Basically runs the Boston comedy scene. Excellent comedic timing. No-nonsense with heart. A tough talking, been around the block comic. Think Melissa McCarthy, Mo'Nique, and Retta.

Already Cast:
Sonny: Male Identifying, 30s
Sam's comedic rival. Uses a big bravado and bro-ness to hide his deep insecurity and vulnerability. Think Ryan Reynolds and Dane Cook.

Sharon: Female Identifying, 30s
Sam's best friend. Dark sense of humor. Smokes a lot of weed. Definitely carries a flask in her purse. Think Janeane Garofalo.

Alyssa: Female Identifying, late 20s
Sam's sister. Not a comic. Deeply grieving. Angry at the world, especially her father. Vulnerable. Excellent timing but not in a trained way. 

Content Warning: This play contains discussion of suicide.